Buying appliances is a very adult task. Maybe you want to make some upgrades to the stuff already there. One of the essential items in the home is a washer and dryer set, which normally you must buy yourself. If you are working with minimal space, a stackable washer and dryer combo might be for you.

If you’re working with a small budget, do not fret! Used stackable washer and dryers are available online for reasonable prices. If you are planning to leave the stackable washer and dryer in your house when you move, you might want to spend too much on it anyways. If you are renting, you won’t want to spend too much if you plan to leave it. Luckily, the internet makes it easy to get a used stackable washer and dryer delivered right to your door.

Before you hit that “buy now” button, there are some steps you should take before purchasing a used stackable washer and dryer.

Measure Your Space

Whenever you’re buying something big you should ALWAYS measure the area that you’re going to put it. Not all units will be the exact same size, so you need to make sure it’s going to fit. A common place for a stackable washer and dryer to go is in a closet so it’s out of the way. Use your measuring tape and write it down so you don’t forget!

Another consideration with measurement is your own height. You wouldn’t want to buy something that you couldn’t reach the top of, right? Some of the stackable units may be very tall, so it is good to ensure you will be able to use the dryer.

Research Features

If you are looking for a unit with all the bells and whistles, make a checklist of what you want since used product listings won’t all look the same. You will have to search them to make sure the used stackable washer and dryer has what you want. It is also important to make sure that they are in fact stackable, otherwise you may be left with a washer and dryer that won’t fit anywhere.

As far as colors go, you will not find much more than white. Perhaps there are some gray and steel models, but the most common find will be the standard white for these units.

Consider Energy

Used stackable washer and dryer sets come in two versions. One version loads from the front, and one from the top for the washer. Front loading machines typically spin faster, so you will use less energy when its time to use the dryer. Many washer and dryers come with a moisture sensor that will detect when clothing is dry and will stop running to also save on energy.

Another thing to look for when considering energy usage when buying a used stackable washer and dryer is the green Energy Star sticker on the front. If you’re buying online, there should be a note in the listing or you can examine the photographs to see if there is one.

Best Brands

Based on online reviews, these brands are suggested as some of the best to look for when purchasing a used stackable washer and dryer.

  • GE
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • Electrolux

Why Should You Buy

Out of all types of washers and dryers, used stackable washer and dryer units are some of the most affordable. They are smaller, so they will be more energy and water efficient. If you are living by yourself or with one other person, the stackable washer and dryer provides plenty of space for laundry loads.

How Much Will It Cost?

The good news is that stackable washer and dryer units are not that expensive brand new, so when you find a used unit, it will be super affordable. If you are searching for used stackable washer and dryers on eBay, they can run from anywhere as high as $2,000 to as cheap as $350 for a set. It is important to make sure you are buying a set, or that you are aware if they are separate pieces being sold.

There are plenty of used stackable washer and dryers online in very good condition, almost brand new. Do some research and digging to find the right deal for you.