So, winter is coming up and you’ve got a driveway. Or a sidewalk, or both. Either way shoveling can get tiresome so this year you want to splurge and get a snow blower. However, you’re on a budget. A fancy new snow blower is out of the question. Well, finding a used snow blower might be the solution to your problem.

Snow blowers are not always giant and industrial. There are smaller models perfect for your sidewalk and residential driveway. Where did the snow blower come from, anyway?

History of the Snow Blower

It may not come as a surprise, but snow blowers were invented in Canada. J.W. Eliot patented a snow machine in Toronto in 1869, but it was never made. A few years later in 1884, the first self-powered snow machine was made by Orange Jull in Ontario, Canada. It used two fans to “blow” the snow out of a chute in the side to clear the way in front of them. With some trial and error, Jull was able to get his machines to work alright, but not many were made.

Another Canadian named Arthur Sicard created a snow blower in 1894 and the idea was to help farmers clear the fields for their livestock to be able to eat. It took the man over 30 years to get the design to a point where it was suitable for being manufactured. The design wasn’t made into machine until 1925 and was called the “Sicard Snow Remover Snow blower.”

Different from the snow blowers we know today, the original snow blower looked more like a snowplow truck. It was essentially a truck that scooped up snow. The snow would have to be emptied from the back of the truck.

It was not until 1952 that there was a human powered snow blower. A company named Toro, also in Canada created this machine. It didn’t gain popularity until the 1960s when other companies started making similar machines. They were beginning to be manufactured in a size that was reasonable for the everyday person to operate.         

Snow blowers have been around for nearly 100 years and while it didn’t seem like something the everyday person would have in their home in the beginning, now you can pick one up at the store and have it home in an instant. They are still expensive, so used snow blowers are a good way to work with a budget.

Types of Snow Blowers

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy yourself a snow blower, you must figure out what kind is going to be best for you. It should be easy to use and manageable in size. It can get a little overwhelming and confusing looking at all of the options especially if you are new to the world of used snow blowers. To start, they are going to be gas-powered. This is nice because you don’t want it ot be tied to an electrical outlet trying to get down the driveway after a blizzard.


A Single-Stage Snow Blower is going to be one of the cheaper options. It’s simple, and there are not bells and whistles here. It has a corkscrew auger in the front that blasts the snow up and shoots it out to clear the way. This used Snow blower is lightweight and perfect for a small driveway or sidewalk clearing.


Two-Stage Snow blowers are the next level up. This used snow blower uses the auger as well as a fan to push the snow out so you can clear more snow. It is going to be heavier and bigger than the single stage. However, they are easy to use while able to tackle larger amounts of snow.

If you live in a place that gets a lot of heavy snow, the Three-stage snow blower might be for you. It is another step up from the two stage and can deal with up to 20 inches of snow on the ground. This used snow blower isn’t screwing around. It is going to be at a higher price point, but if you are dealing with blizzards all winter it will be worth it to have this around. Whatever your budget, used snow blowers are a great way to purchase for the winter. If you look on eBay, there are some smaller used snow blowers available for around $100, or larger models near $800. Make sure you are purchasing appropriately for your climate, and happy bargain hunting!