Anywhere you look, somebody is holding an iPhone. They’re everywhere. It makes sense, they are great phones! Apple just released their newest model, the iPhone 12, so you know what that means. Their phones from last year are going to be popping up for resale. Some people swear by the method of buying last year’s model to guarantee the kinks have all been worked out. Instead of buying the newest model, purchasing a used iPhone 11 Pro Max might be the way to go.

What is the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

When Apple released the iPhone 11 last year, they released three versions. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the largest and most powerful version of the phone coming in four colors, gold, silver, space gray and midnight green. You can also get the phone in 3 sizes which are 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. The iPhone 11 is technically the thirteenth in the iPhone series, coming after the iPhone X.

The Pro Max model has a 6.5-inch screen compared to the regular 5.8 inch screen, so if you like a bigger phone definitely go with the Pro Max.

Why Buy iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Any of the recent iPhones are going to be a good phone but buying a used iPhone 11 Pro Max right now is a good idea because they have dropped in price on account of the new phones being released. Now, the question is what provider you have and if you want to buy an unlocked phone. This will alter the price of the used iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Let’s say you are looking at an unlocked used iPhone 11 Pro Max. The prices vary depending on quality of the phone and storage size. An unlocked used iPhone 11 Pro Max will generally run you around $600 to $900. The nice thing about buying one online like this is you do not have the payment plan situation that comes with buying the phone from the store. It is entirely yours. Unlocked is the way to go with a used iPhone 11 Pro Max so you do not have to mess with carrier issues. This is helpful for if you decide to resell it later on, as it is already unlocked.

When buying used phones, it’s important to be weary of scammers. Try to buy with a payment service and not a credit or debit card, and make sure to buy from a reputable source like eBay. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a product and it shows up broken or you are unable to use it.

As always with used technology, you will want to make sure the seller has posted real pictures of the used iPhone 11 Pro Max. With a used product, there is always the assumed risk of it not coming exactly how it looks. With a used phone there may be signs of wear and tear, but a case can cover those up. Even if you are buying a used iPhone 11 Pro Max, it will still only be about a year old so it should be in fairly good shape.

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