Apple Watches are cool. There’s no doubt about that. Smart watches have become a trend within the last five years, with Apple producing some of the most popular ones. With the invention of smart phones, watches could have become obsolete since we take our phones everywhere with us, but the Apple Watch syncs up to your phone of course.

This year, Apple is on their 6th version of the Apple Watch, but they can run you up to $700. If you want top notch tech in your smart watch, a used Apple Watch Series 4 has all the bells and whistles inside to keep you up to date. There are a lot of options online to buy this watch used or refurbished.

History of the Apple Watch

Apple released the first Apple Watch in 2015. As with all technology products, there is trial and error with original models. The first Apple Watch had to be connected to your phone, and didn’t have a great battery life. It was cool, but people were debating on whether it was necessary to buy, or just another shiny Apple product.

The next year Apple released series 2 which had some more features, but the battery life was still an issue. Of course, the next year in 2017 the series 3 was released and with this version non-iPhone users could now use the watch. Things really started to pick up with the release of the Apple Watch Series 4, with a lot of very useful features.

Other versions have been released since then, but today we are focusing on the used Apple Watch Series 4 and all of the amazing features you get with it.

Used Apple Watch Series 4 Features

As with all the Apple Watches, this one can be synced to your iPhone. The good news for non-iPhone users who want to try out an Apple Watch is that this one does not require you to have an iPhone to use it. The features can be used as long as it is connected to a data plan. The Apple Watch Series 4 was released in 2018, and though there are other versions it is still relevant. A good reason to consider purchasing a used Apple Watch Series 4.

This watch was a game changer compared to the previous models. Apple was not the first company to release a smart watch, but they have certainly done a great job with it. After consumers were skeptical of the watches thinking they wouldn’t provide any benefits, things really picked up with the series 4.

When the Apple Watch Series 4 was released, it had a different design than the prior models. It comes with a customizable case so you can choose something to fit with your outfits and change it whenever you like. It comes with all of the usual features such as email, texting, and improved GPS. The battery life has greatly improved, and the watch has a Dual 64 processor, making it the fastest of the previous watches. Even a used Apple Watch Series 4 will have this powerful process and act like a brand-new product.

Heart Monitoring Features

Another perk when buying a used Apple Watch Series 4 is that it has exceptional heart monitoring features. You know how on TV shows they show the jagged line depicting a heartbeat? A used Apple Watch Series 4 will be able to use electrocardiogram testing, or an EKG. How cool is that? Some have said that this watch is ahead of its time for medical features on a piece of personal tech.

How Much Will a Used Apple Watch Series 4 Cost?

Apple products are notoriously expensive, and the Apple Watch is no exception. When buying a used Apple Watch Series 4, do some research online. If you do a bit of digging, since this watch is a few years old now you can probably get a deal. A used Apple Watch Series 4 on eBay will run you around $200, or less depending on the condition. That is another thing to remember, if you are getting a used Apple Watch Series 4 for a small price, it’s probably been loved, and is a bit dinged up. If you are fine with the potential for some scratches and wear and tear, a used Apple Watch Series 4 might be the right choice for you.