Have you ever wanted a pair of fancy leggings, but couldn’t justify the cost? Don’t worry, there are other options! When the brand-new pairs aren’t in the budget, used and resale leggings are the way to go. They are almost always cheaper than they would be off of the retail site or in store, and there’s a good chance they are like new.

The trendy brand Lululemon is a great option to look for when prowling the internet for used leggings. Where did they come from, anyway? Why are they so popular? Let’s take a look at the super popular brand.


Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson, lululemon was a yoga and design studio hybrid in Vancouver, Canada. The studio operated as a design studio for apparel during the day, and a yoga studio at night. In 2000, the first standalone apparel store opened.

The first products were leggings for women, of course. This is what the brand is known for today. Starting as one store, Lululemon now has stores across the globe, and can be purchased online, new and used.

The company wants to spread the feeling of community and movement. They want you to sweat, and have something amazing to wear while you’re doing it. Lululemon still does yoga classes in the stores to stay connected. They have a history of sending a message to their customers promoting health and wellness in their marketing.

Why Buy Lululemon?

What brought you here is probably a cost issue. New Lululemon leggings can cost upwards of $150. They are a quality product, and are expensive for a reason. While they started designing yoga leggings, Lululemon now makes products for cyclists, runners and trainers. The fabric is made to absorb sweat and keep you from looking nasty while you work out.

A big problem with cheaper leggings is they will stretch out and become unwearable. Even if you are wearing the things as loungewear, most brands expire fairly quickly. These leggings are built to last, so even purchasing a pair of used Lululemon leggings is totally worth it.

Lululemon leggings were originally made by their own fabric blend, Luon, which holds more microfiber than average fabric. They offer many different types of fabric now, such as compression and moisture absorbent types.

The leggings were originally marketed to women, but they have expanded their market to include everyone. Along with the used Lululemon leggings, you can find tops and other accessories to go with them. The sense of community wants their buyers to feel togetherness.


As mentioned earlier, a brand-new pair of lululemon leggings can run you upwards of $150. So, a cheaper alternative to these prices is to buy used leggings. On a resale site like eBay, used lululemon leggings can go anywhere from $30 to $90. Some of them will actually be used, and others are new and being resold even with the tags still on.

Why Buy Used Lululemon Leggings?

Well, we already talked about price. They last a long time so even as a used item, the quality is there. Another perk of looking to resale sites is the fact that you can get discontinued leggings. There may be ones you want that they don’t sell anymore, and the only way to get them is from a used source. If you want something that lasts, buy used Lululemon leggings.

Where to Buy Them?

To make sure you are getting real, used Lululemon leggings, buy from a reputable source. If you are looking online, eBay has a great setup in order to purchase them. You can sort through to find new and used ones, and by price. Most of the time, they are not setup as auction items, so you can buy them outright.

Buying leggings can be frustrating, and you want something that is going to last. If new name brand leggings just aren’t in the budget right now, try out used Lululemon leggings to see if they are for you. If they live up to the hype, maybe you can invest in a new pair! Buying used online is a great way to get your foot in the door and try it out.