Used Apple Watch Series 4

Electronics, Jewelry & Watches
Apple Watches are cool. There’s no doubt about that. Smart watches have become a trend within the last five years, with Apple producing some of the most popular ones. With the invention of smart phones, watches could have become obsolete since we take our phones everywhere with us, but the Apple Watch syncs up to your phone of course. This year, Apple is on their 6th version of the Apple Watch, but they can run you up to $700. If you want top notch tech in your smart watch, a used Apple Watch Series 4 has all the bells and whistles inside to keep you up to date. There are a lot of options online to buy this watch used or refurbished. History of the Apple Watch Apple released the…
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Vintage Pocket Watch

Collectibles & Art, Jewelry & Watches
Now that we carry a little computer in our pockets, we don’t have much use for the vintage pocket watch. However, they are a very cool collector’s item with a rich history. Whatever has brought you to searching for a vintage pocket watch, they are a great find for the history buff or vintage item collector. Pocket Watch History Vintage pocket watches were developed during the 16th century and were as much functional as they were a fashion statement. They were geared towards men and became part of the ensemble. Pocket watches and other portable watches were only able to be produced with the invention of the main spring. Before that, time telling devices relied on weight in order to function, so they were unable to be portable. German inventor…
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